Landscaping Choices Bad for Plumbing


There are many ways to save water, but there are also some landscaping choices that are bad news for your plumbing system. Using rock mulch instead of hand-pulling your lawn, and putting in a septic system instead of irrigation are just a few tips that can help you save water and money in your landscaping project.

Using a septic system instead of an irrigation system

If you have a septic system, you should make sure you monitor it regularly, since it can become overloaded. This can happen from heavy rain or excessive water use. You should also be aware of any tree roots that might be growing in your drain field. If you see any of these signs, it’s time to call a plumber.

To find out whether your property has a septic system, you can check the property records. You can also look for a building permit or design plans. Many septic systems create a mound or small hill for the drain field. You should also find out the location of the plumbing outlet that goes out of your building. The access riser is usually located around 10 feet away from the building.

Water softeners can also cause a problem because they can add several pounds of salt to the septic tank. This can affect the digestion of the waste and the permeability of the soil dispersal system. Additionally, continual saturation of the soil can affect the quality of soil in the leach field and its capacity to remove pollutants from wastewater. To avoid problems like these, you should use water-saving techniques to limit the amount of water that is wasted. Fixing leaky faucets and toilets is essential. Also, use dishwashers only when they are full.

Aside from regular maintenance, you should also keep detailed records of the system’s functioning. If you notice any problems with the system, call a professional to help you. If you need to repair your septic tank, you should seek a permit from your local health department. In addition, if you need to repair your septic tank, it’s best to hire a professional licensed onsite contractor.